Canberra Airport Business Parks Xmas Entertainment Pak

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Enjoy a special rate of up to 50% below our retail prices while making a start for your Xmas Entertainment stocks. There is something for all tastes here, from our Founders Museum aged vintages through to the fresh young Contentious Character range recently launched. 1 x 2003 Riesling - Rich, mature and rewarding, with all the classic hallmarks of the varietal, this aged Riesling is ready to drink. 1 x 2015 Riesling - A bright Riesling, with abundant fresh citrus aroma, and crisp finish, thanks to an acidity that’s friendly, but firm.  1 x 2009 Pinot Gris - With the benefit of maturity, layers of nuanced stone-fruit flavour have emerged in this epic Pinot Gris, balanced with a slight sweetness. Bronze medal winner  – Canberra Regional Wine Show. 1 x 2015 Pinot Gris - With the crispness of fresh pears, and the mellowness of stone fruit, this unoaked Pinot Gris is bright and spritely.  1 x 2004 Chardonnay - It’s rare for an Aussie Chardonnay to age this well. Keeping its freshness, with good acidity, this wine is rich and ready to drink. 3 stars – Winestate Magazine, Bronze award winner – Winewise Small Vignerons Awards, Bronze award winner – NSW Small Winemakers Show, Bronze award winner – Canberra Regional Wine Show. 1 x 2015 Chardonnay - The classic, elegant Chardonnay taste, with hints of white peach and lingering lightly oaked finish. 1 x 2003 Shiraz - With notes of vibrant red berry and gentle spice that defy its age, this Shiraz is one for those who hate too much oak. 1 x 2015 Merlot - Bold and fruity, this firm Merlot has classic dark berry notes and an elegant oaky finish. 1 x 2007 Merlot - A great wine to serve with hearty meats, this bold beauty balances rich, dark berries, with a solid oakiness. Silver award winner –  Winewise Small Vignerons Awards, Silver award winner  –  NSW Small Winemakers Show, Bronze award winner  –  Canberra Regional Wine Show, 90/100 James Halliday Australian Wine Companion. 1 x 2015 Pinot Noir - This is a brisk, herbaceous Pinot Noir, with firm oak, hints of berries and a light mintiness on the finish. 1 x 2007 Pinot Noir - A Pinot Noir that could never be accused of being bland, this firm, aged Pinot has a dry, minty finish, cloaked in a tarte oakiness with plenty of tannin. Decanter half hour prior serving. 1 x 2004 Late Harvest Riesling Dessert wine - Harvested late for plump richness, but cellared over a decade for dryness, this award-winning late harvest Riesling has a lot of love to give.Bronze award winner  –  Canberra Regional Wine Show, Bronze award winner  –  Hyatt International Riesling Challenge, Bronze award winner  – NSW Small Winemakers Show, 93/100 James Halliday Australian Wine Companion.
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